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If you’re an awakening woman, who's single, in a relationship, not sure if there's love after divorce or haven't been on meaningful dates in a while and you want to attract a healthy relationship in 2018 - we've created this summit to help Smart Successful Women, LIKE YOU, make this their year of love.

This expert line-up of authors, doctors and certified coaches 
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You'll learn how to stop dating emotional unavailable men.  How to let go of limited beliefs and silence your negative self-talk.  How to identify emotionally triggers, obstacles, behaviors and childhood wounds that sabotage relationships.  How to identify dating blind spots and red flags.  How to activate your divine feminine radiance.  How to get pursued and wooed by high-quality relationship ready men.  How to get him to see that you are wife material.  How to get him to connect and commit to you.

You’ll receive proven and transformational information on a variety of topics… everything from how to attract a relationship ready man who is aligned with your core values, to overcoming the self-doubt and the lack of self-love and self-worth that can prevent you from attracting the healthy loving relationship you desires.

You'll discover what really makes men commit and the critical tools you need to navigate the dating world.

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Dr. John Gray

Attracting a Conscious Man: What to Look for in a Life-Partner

Dr. Andrea Pennington

Achieve Orgasmic Bliss Through Conscious Relationships & Intimacy

Arielle Ford

The Necessary Attitude and Key Steps To Manifesting a Soul Mate

Damona Hoffman

Breakthrough Interracial, and Dating Outside the Norm

Alison Armstrong

Busting Out Of The Cycle Of Doom

Dr. Aesha Adams-Robert

Breakthrough Dating Blindspots That Make You Invisible To Good Men In 3 Simple Steps

Joe Amoia

How To Screen Men and Get the Guy You Want

Jovanhanna Tisdale

Breakthrough - ME TOO!

Kimberly Seltzer

How To Use Style & Charisma To Attract Love

Monique Head

Become Queen of a Man's Heart

Cary Valentine

Breakthrough Your Dating Doubts Inside Out To Having a Juicy Relationship

Sherry Gaba

Filling the Empty Heart: Transforming Love and Relationship Addiction

Kathryn Alice

Love Breakthrough in 10 Minutes

Mike Goldstein

Learn how 83% of My Clients Get Into Relationships:  No Nonsense, Let's Get Results with Math and Science

Rhonda Cort

The High Value Mindset: How to Command the Attention, Respect & Devotion of High-Caliber Men

Helena Hart

How To Stop Attracting The Wrong Men (So You Can Attract The Right One!)

Jonathon Aslay

Traditional vs Conscious Dating

Maria Dowd

The 4-Step Slow Dance to Having More Amazing Love Experiences

Alicia Ashley

The Ultimate Breakthrough - Know Your V-Spot

Suzette Vearnon

Stop Being a Magnet for Unavailable Men

Jessica Perez-Beebe

Breakthrough and  Manifest Your Soulmate

Anita & Brody Boyd

Polarity & Partnership - Principles Of Power Couples On Purpose

Daryl & Sharon Fletcher

How to Attract the Love You Desire Without Compromising Your Values and Lowering Your Standard.

Helene Chantal Philipsen

Transform Your Relationship with Your Body and Food

Todd Malloy

Key Ingredients to a True Love Breakthrough!

Nada Howarth

Breaking Through to Your Authentic Self is the Key to Attracting Your True Love

Alexis Logan

Trust Your Gut: How To Use Your Inner Guidance To Stop Attracting The Wrong Guy

Bryan Reeves

Stop Begging for Love and Start Having it Instead

Meet Your Host Camille Sheppard-Parrish

Camille Sheppard-Parrish PhDc, MBA, CCP, PMP, is a certified healthy love coach, relationship and dating expert. She is the founder of Get Mr. Right University and the author of Successful Women Date Differently: Secrets to Attracting the Love You Deserve.  Her articles have been featured on many blogs including,, and

Camille helps smart, successful women overcome difficult challenges that hold them back from attracting relationship-ready men that will pursue and cherish them. Camille's is all about providing a one-of-a-kind holistic coaching experience (through her programs and retreats) that will provide the necessary guidance to identify crippling blocks, unconscious behaviors, remove limiting beliefs, boost your self-esteem, discover what makes you happy, tap into your femininity and shift your love vibration… which will cause you to stop attracting and dating the wrong type of men and attract your Mr. Right.  She provides women with the tools, strategies and techniques to help women create their personal breakthrough and navigate the dating world, so that they can attract and sustain the happy and healthy relationship that they deserve… with Mr. Right!

Camille’s mission is to add more value to your life than you ever imagined by providing you with tools and strategies that you can immediately use to improve your success with romance and in life!

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